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Alter Glossary 4.0.0

  • Feature: Preview link in backend term list.
  • Fix: "Glossary Term" editor button missed in Joomla4.
  • Change: Joomla 4.3 as min.
  • Change PHP 8.0 as min.
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p8pBB bridge 5.1.0

  • Feature: new 'Smart Search - p8pbb bridge' plugin for native Joomla smart search component (com_finder). The plugin allows to index forum titles with optional descriptions and forum images, forum topic subjects with optional first post or all posts texts. Allows to define Joomla access levels for phpBB forums to filter search results for specific Joomla users using native Joomla ACL.
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p8pBB bridge light 3.0.0

  • Fix: issue with manual Joomla user activation with phpBB non-default password complexity.
  • Change: Joomla 3 support dropped.
  • Change: PHP 8.0 as min.
  • Update instructions: unpublish two p8pbb plugins in Joomla, disable p8pbb extension in phpBB3. Install new Joomla package and overwrite files in phpBB extension. Purge phpBB cache, enable Joomla plugins and phpBB extension.
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