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Alter Surveys

Powerful tool for organizing surveys or polls in your site with advanced statistics results.

This extension is a comprehensive but easy-to-use Survey and Polling Tool. Alter Surveys is designed to create surveys or polls or forms, collect data and present advanced statistics results.

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5.x maintained

4.x maintained

3.x not maintained

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  • Frontend views 'List of Surveys Categories', 'List of Surveys from Category', 'Single Survey', 'Survey Results', 'Survey Answers', 'Survey Submissions'.
  • Core configurable question types: Checkbox List, Drop-down list, Radio Buttons List, Text Area, Text Line, Rating Table, Priority List, Rating Scale, File Upload, Calendar - see demo for full-featured examples of all questions.
  • Ability to aggregate questions into vertical or horizontal sections, so each question can be duplicated inside a section.
  • Ability to provide 'Other' answer for questions with predefined answers (Checkbox List, Drop-down list, Radio Buttons List, Rating Table).
  • Page-breaks for questions, automatic pagination into specified number of questions per page.
  • Ability to display questions horizontally in columns.
  • Featured status of questions and ability to display featured questions first.
  • Saving of intermediate survey results for all users, hence they can proceed with survey later.
  • Ability to retake or revise a survey for logged user (retake a survey allows to start survey again without previous answers, revise allows to start survey with previous answers preserved).
  • Questions SVG results statistics: List, Linear, Bars, Pie. Settings of chart colors, dimensions, legend, axis etc.
  • Backend surveys' submissions list with detailed view of all answers, XLS and PDF export features with ability to create own custom PDF and XLS layouts via usual HTML.
  • Backend individual submission answers view with edit submission page.
  • Backend survey results page with rich statistics per each question, ability to change results charts, order results, search within results etc.
  • Printable views of answers and statistics results.
  • Native Joomla permissions system for creating, editing, editing state, editing own, taking, re-taking and viewing results of surveys. Each survey has own permissions.
  • Nested surveys categories, optional frontend display of surveys counts in category.
  • Separating of survey description into introtext and fulltext, configurable display of introtext and/or fulltext in surveys category listings and individual survey page.
  • Featured status for surveys: featured surveys can be optionally displayed first in category listing.
  • Intro Image and Main image selection for survey category listing and individual survey page.
  • Up to 5 configurable links for survey, list of related links is displayed in individual survey page.
  • Next/Previous surveys links in individual survey page.
  • Frontend view of survey results and logged user's answers.
  • Survey progress bar with questions or pages progress data (Question 3 of 5 or Questions 2-6 of 14 or Page 1 of 5).
  • Ability to use answers from previous pages in question titles via tags.
  • Optional survey start page with configurable text.
  • Survey after submit redirect to custom URL or finish page with configurable text or survey results or user's answers.
  • Survey pre-submit and post-submit PHP code execution.
  • Flood control by IP, session and cookies. Captcha for guest users (via native Joomla captcha plugins).
  • After submit email notifications to multiple addresses with customizable subject and message body for admins and registered Joomla user. Email can contain HTML table with survey submission answers. Email can have HTML or PDF attachment with user's answers.
  • User can download PDF with his survey answers in frontend.
  • Optional moderation of submissions.
  • Single/multiple submissions of a survey per user. By default each user can take a survey only once, but you can allow multiple submissions for a survey. Once taken, a user can additionally retake survey (previous submission is deleted) or revise survey (edit previous answers by starting survey again with previous answers filled).
  • Behavioral rules for questions: depending on answer you can hide certain questions/pages or redirect user to specific page or finish survey. Rule condition allows to check question answer for empty/not empty, equal/not equal, contains/doesn't contain, less/greater than, less/greater than or equal to match.
  • Integration of Komento comments for individual survey page.
  • Question chromes help to display a question in default or form-like mode.
  • Native Joomla tags support.
  • Advanced routing mode: links to surveys don't include ID.
  • Option to auto-fill meta description of survey page with survey's description text.
  • Auto-numbering  of question titles.
  • Rich developer facilities: you can create your custom question types and results views with user-defined XML parameters, overwrite layouts of core questions and results views.
  • Custom Joomla fields support for surveys and questions.
  • Translations of survey and question properties.
  • Import/export of surveys.
  • Uses brilliant SVGGraph library by Goat 1000 (LGPL v3).
  • Uses brilliant DOMPDF library (LGPL v2.1).

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  • Joomla 4.4 or higher.
  • PHP 8.1 or higher.
  • Bootstrap 5+ frontend template.
  • Depending on your server settings you may be forced to increase the limit of PHP settings memory_limit, and suhosin.request.max_vars (if Suhosin is installed).

Current version:

  • Feature: new settings "Show Already Passed Notification" in "Category Layout" and "Survey Layout" display settings to show the "You have already passed this survey on XXX" notification.

02 Dec 2023 - ver. 3.1.1:

  • Fix: Joomla 4.4.1 and 5.0.1 language issue.

31 Oct 2023 - ver. 4.1.0:

  • Feature: Joomla 5 compatibility.
  • Change: Joomla 4.4 as min, PHP 8.1 as min.

29 Aug 2023 - ver. 3.0.0:

  • Change: Joomla 3 support dropped.
  • Change: PHP 8.0 as min.

03 Oct 2022 - ver. 2.6.8:

  • Feature: new Calendar question type to enter dates.
  • Fix: Rating Scale question mobile responsive style.
  • Fix: Rating Scale question option colors not applied.

04 Sep 2022 - ver. 2.5.0:

  • Feature: new survey setting "Bind Initial Answers" allows to pre-setup answers from request parameters by question IDs.
  • Feature: new settings "Show Open Date" and "Show Close Date" for category and survey pages.
  • Fix: questions not copied on survey save as copy.
  • Fix: survey tags not saved in Joomla 4.
  • Feature: new setting "Data Options > Unique Section Answers" for the aggregator question allows to require unique answers per question.
  • Feature: import/export of surveys.

10 January 2022 - ver. 2.4.1:

  • Fix: survey/question save on disabled translations
  • Fix: Joomla4 UI.

10 January 2022 - ver. 2.4.0:

  • Feature: translations of survey and question properties.

05 January 2021 - ver. 2.3.0:

  • Feature: Joomla 4 compatibility.
  • Feature: Joomla custom fields support for surveys, questions and submissions in backend.
  • Feature: custom colors for each answer in charts.
  • Change: Horizontal and Vertical Sections questions auto-changed to new Aggregator question type which has default (horizontal) and vertical layouts.

08 October 2020 - ver. 2.2.1:

  • Fix: component configuration and menu items empty fields.

14 July 2020 - ver. 2.2.0:

  • Feature: SVGGraph library update.

12 March 2020 - ver. 2.1.0:

  • Fix: uploaded files are lost on submit of invalid survey page.
  • Feature: new setting "Multiple User Submissions Usergroups" to allow multiple submissions for specific usergroups only.
  • Feature: new permission rules "View Own Submissions", "Update Submissions", "Update Own Submissions" and frontend submission update functionality.

24 December 2019 - ver. 2.0.4:

  • Feature: new question results setting "Empty Answers" to show or hide empty answers.
  • Feature: new survey submit setting "Save Submission" to show "Save results" button. Answers are just saved and can be submitted later.

31 July 2019 - ver. 2.0.3:

  • Fix: uploaded files not saved for guest submissions.
  • Change: global configuration option "Keep Intermediate Results" removed, intermediate results are always kept now.

10 June 2019 - ver. 2.0.2:

  • Feature: Rating Table question option "Require Single Answer" allows to limit single answer selection for all questions.
  • Feature: custom 'rtl' PDF layouts for RTL support.
  • Feature: new Decimal XXX.YYY and XXX,YYY validation rules for text inputs.
  • Fix: only last survey page was included in post-submit email notifications.

26 February 2019 - ver. 2.0.1:

  • Fix: editing submissions with unselected checboxes and radios.
  • Fix: submission time taken incorrect.

21 January 2019 - ver. 2.0.0:

  • Feature: new setting "Show Question Descriptions" for horizontal/vertical question sections. Both "Show Question Titles" and "Show Question Descriptions" have new option "Question Setting" for individual question control.
  • Feature: new question rules  'Answer is empty' and 'Answer is not empty'.
  • Feature: custom stored values from dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • Feature: download submission PDF from backend.
  • Feature: custom layouts for frontend and backend submission PDFs.
  • Fix: significantly improved question rules processing.
  • Change: PHP 7 as minimum.
  • Change: Joomla 3.9 as minimum.
  • Change: new layouts, custom layouts should be updated
  • Change: new locations of custom question answer and results layouts (/templates/your-template/com_asurveys/questions/question-type/answers/ and ./results/ folders).
  • Change: new location of custom question wrappers (/templates/your-template/com_asurveys/questions/default/wrapper folder)
  • Change: "related surveys" feature removed.

05 December 2018 - ver. 1.4.0:

  • Feature: DOMPDF library update.
  • Feature: new survey setting 'Auto Number Questions' helps to automatically prefix question titles with numbers.
  • Feature: new setting 'Require Changes' for 'Priority List' question helps to force user to re-order options.
  • Feature: new question rule action 'Remove page' helps to remove a whole page with questions.
  • Fix: issue with deleting items since Joomla 3.9.1.

05 October 2017 - ver. 1.3.1:

  • Feature: new question type 'Rating Scale' allows to select single number from a range.
  • Fix: incorrect submission answers in frontend view by admin.
  • Feature: if moderated, new submissions are created with new Pending status (previously with Unpublished status).
  • Fix: impossible to continue moderated submissions.

01 January 2017 - ver. 1.3.0:

  • Feature: new advanced setting "Continue Survey From Last Page" allows to resume survey from last visited page.
  • Fix: IP-based and cookie-based flood control issues.
  • Fix: edit of Columns question in backend submission.
  • Feature: new 'Rating Table' question setting 'Results Options -> Frontend Results -> Expand Sub-Questions': displays separate results chart for each sub-question. Single chart with aggregated answers from all sub-questions is displayed if disabled (previous behavior).
  • Fix: Priority List improvements for mobile devices.
  • Feature: ability to delete previously uploaded file on survey revise.
  • Feature: new submit setting 'Multiple User Submissions' allows a user to pass survey multiple times.

05 January 2016 - ver. 1.2.2:

  • Fix: {results_link_backend} tag was not parsed in email templates.
  • Feature: 'Images Min Width' and 'Images Max Width' settings for File Upload question. Help to control the sizing of uploaded images for frontend answers layout and frontend answers PDF file.
  • Feature: 'Validation Rule' setting for Text Line question allows to validate answer as email address or a number.
  • Feature: ability to mark question behavioral rule as Final and no further rules will be applied.
  • Feature: 'Disable Previous Page' setting helps to restrict user navigation and allow to pass to next page only.
  • Feature: 'Revise Surveys' permission allows to revise a survey: the difference with retake is that user's answers are emptied once a user retakes a survey. Once a user revises a survey his previous answers are preserved.

19 October 2015 - ver. 1.2.1:

  • Fix: missed pagination if first question is not a page-break.
  • Fix: broken chart type reload on survey results page.
  • Feature: keep questions page after saving question in backend.
  • Fix: wrong survey taken time for logged users on single page surveys.
  • Feature: options to display uploaded images in answers.

15 July 2015 - ver. 1.2.0:

  • Feature: ability to clone surveys including their questions.
  • Fix: Rating Table answers are missed in XLS export of submissions.
  • Feature: new survey setting ''Control Next Page'. If enabled, user can only move to the next page or previously completed page but not to any further page. It helps to ensure that survey pages are completed one by one.
  • Feature: custom XLS layouts.
  • Feature: 'Survey Submissions' menu item type and ability to view survey submissions in frontend (requires 'View Submissions' permission).

26 May 2015 - ver. 1.1.11:

  • Feature: new setting 'Alternative Layout' for survey Questions Options allows to setup separate layout.
  • Feature: new setting 'Limit For Submitters Only' for survey Results Options allows to limit results display only for users who passed survey.
  • Feature: added user details into XLS submissions export and 'detailed' submissions PDF layout with user details.

29 April 2015 - ver. 1.1.10:

  • Feature: question settings to display/hide title and description on frontend answers page.
  • Fix: PDF send option for admin on survey submit.
  • Feature: new settings 'Guest Name Question' and 'Guest Email Question' in survey settings 'Email Notifications' -> 'Submit - User Notification' help to auto-fill user details in submission record and send submit notifications to guest users.
  • Feature: 'Display All Options' question setting in 'Results Options' for "Checkbox List", "Drop-down List" and "Radio Buttons List" questions. Allows to display all options in results chart, by default only options with available answers are displayed.
  • Feature: new survey settings 'Results Start Date' and 'Results Start Date' to limit survey results availability.
  • Feature: translation of all email notification subjects and texts, so native Joomla Language Overrides can be used and multilingual emails are possible.
  • Feature: new setting 'Load Answers' for Drop-Down question type helps to auto-populate big lists by pasting options into textarea, each line will be added to answers configuration table. It's quite handy to auto-populate list of countries.
  • Feature: 'File Upload' question type allows users to attach files to surveys.

12 January 2015 - ver. 1.1.9:

  • Feature: new behavioral rule 'Submit Survey' allows to finish survey.
  • Feature: new setting 'Expand Questions in XLS and PDF' for Columns question allows to have a separate column for each child question in exported document.
  • Feature: new advanced question settings 'Pagebreak in Backend PDF' and 'Frontend Answers PDF Pagebreak' allows to split PDF into pages for vertical layout of submissions answers export.
  • Feature: new survey setting 'Allow Download PDF' in 'Pages -> Answers Pages' allows user to download a PDF with his survey submission answers.
  • Feature: new 'Visibility' question settings allows complete control over question display areas: 'Backend Submissions', 'Backend Survey Results', 'Backend Submission Answers', 'Backend Submissions XLS', 'Backend Submissions PDF', 'Frontend Survey Results', 'Frontend Submission Answers', 'Frontend Answers PDF'.

20 October 2014 - ver. 1.1.8:

  • Feature: new tags for question Title and Description - {answer_XXX} where XXX is question ID. Tags are auto-replaced with answers from previous survey pages.
  • Feature: question setting 'Alternative Title' in 'Answers Options' and 'Results Options' - this title is used alternatively on answers and results pages when usual title with answer tag can't be auto-replaced.
  • Feature: PDF export of backend submission answers.
  • Feature: ability to attach HTML or PDF with answers in 'Submit - User Notification' and 'Submit - Admin Notification' emails.

09 October 2014 - ver. 1.1.7:

  • Feature: images for 'Radio button list' and 'Checkbox list' question options.
  • Feature: vertical answers layout for backend submissions list.

01 October 2014 - ver. 1.1.6:

  • Fix: inability to save new settings for answers and results pages.

28 September 2014 - ver. 1.1.5:

  • Feature: guest users can view results of previously completed surveys (applies for new submissions only).
  • Feature: separate configurable texts for answers and results pages with user tags support and ability to wrap answers/results inside text.
  • Feature: allow user to email answers to himself/admin from answers page. New email templates added on survey pages for that. 'Pages' and 'Email Notifications' tabs were revamped for better usability.

14 September 2014 - ver. 1.1.4:

  • Feature: new option 'Bar only' option for 'Progress Bar Mode' setting was removed, new separate setting 'Progress Bar Label' added.
  • Feature: questions are dynamically hidden according to behavioral rules on same page.
  • Feature: new settings 'Min Selected Options' and 'Max Selected Options' for 'Checkbox List' question type allow to control how much options should be checked by user.
  • Fix: radio-button answers not displayed in answers.

1 September 2014 - ver. 1.1.3:

  • Feature: 'Surveys Columns' setting for surveys category view.
  • Feature: 'Display Average Score' in results of Rating Table - helps to see average result with numeric options.
  • Fix: don't require mandatory questions to be answered if user goes to previous page.
  • Feature: 'Bar only' option for 'Progress Bar Mode' setting - helps to hide 'Page X of Y' and 'Questions X-Y of Z' titles in progress bar.
  • Fix: date calendar in IE and Firefox for 'date' and 'datetime' Text Line questions.
  • Feature: 'Date Display Format' setting for submission results of Date text question.
  • Feature: 'Priority List' question type - allows user to re-order list options via drag-and-drop.
  • Feature: 'Survey Results' and 'Survey Answers' menu item types.

28 August 2014 - ver. 1.1.2:

  • Feature: new behavioral rule 'Go to question' - allows to redirect user right to a page with certain question.
  • Fix: keep single cell for answers with multiple lines in XLS export.
  • Feature: ability to expand answers in horizontal and vertical sections groups into single XLS cell, same for checkboxes.
  • Feature: new tags for answers in email template - {answer_XXX} where XXX is question ID.
  • Feature: animation for List results.
  • Feature: new question type 'Rating Table' allows to display table of multiple sub-questions with single option per question.

12 May 2014 - ver. 1.1.1:

  • Feature: separate settings for user email notification on survey submit. Warning! Email body tags for links were changed!
  • Fix: Joomla 3.0 compatibility.

01 April 2014 - ver. 1.1.0:

  • Feature: new survey setting 'Show Description Page', if disabled - you can pass directly to questions once survey link is clicked.
  • Fix: display of surveys from category issue with same surveys.
  • Fix: Komento integration.
  • Feature: questions behavioral rules.

11 Nov 2013 - ver. 1.0.0