Alter Glossary 3.3.0


  • Fix: automatic term meta description not applied.
  • Fix: term keywords not saved.
  • Feature: new component setting "SEO > Block Meta Words" to exclude certain words from automatic meta keywords and description.
  • Feature: parsing speed improvement.
  • Feature: new parsing options "Highlight Synonym Plural Form" and "Highlight Synonym Case Forms".


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Alter Glossary 3.2.0 with collocation permutations

  • Feature: new setting 'Highlight Permutations' allows to additionally highlight all collocation permutations, i.e. the term 'John Lennon' is parsed as 'Lennon John'.
  • Feature: custom layout overrides for tips via /templates/your-template/html/plg_system_aglossary/tips/ layouts.
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Alter Reports 3.3.1

  • Change: row repeatable backgrounds moved to "Table Style".
  • Feature: "Repeatable Backgrounds" for columns (we already had the same feature but for rows).
  • Feature: new frontend/backend advanced settings "Preserve Pagination" and "Preserve Ordering" control the data stored in used session.
  • Fix: MSSQL 2012 queries.
  • Fix: search filter not applied for downloads.
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Alter Reports 3.4.0


  • Feature: new column setting "Advanced > Heading HTML Template" helps to use HTML instead of plain text for report column headings.
  • Feature: backend menu item types.
  • Feature: multiple filters in backend reports view.
  • Change: PHP 7.4 as min.
  • Feature: repeatable page header and footer for PDF.


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