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How to restore a top menu in Joomla! 4 admin panel

Joomla! 4 introduced the new left sidebar which unfortunately, looks quite unusable and frustrating for some users.

This Wordpress-like nightmare was a real headache for me and I started to develop the own custom module but Jan Pavelka was the first.

Just install the free Phoca Top Menu Module, you can download it from, here is the offical JED link:

Next enable "Phoca Top Menu" in administrator modules, set it's position to customtop, select "Preset - Alternative Main Menu" in "Choose Preset" and enable "".

Enjoy nice and easy-to-use menu in Joomla! 4 admin panel. Thanks, Jan!

PS. Module setting "Custom CSS" can be like that to make it even better:

.dropend .dropdown-toggle::after{float:right;}