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Refund policy

AlterBrains does not offer refunds for purchased products. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be easily duplicated. Once we have distributed a release version to the customer, the sale is final, and you may not return the software for a refund or credit. Please be cautious and make sure you know what you are purchasing.

Under no circumstances AlterBrains will provide refunds on "your software is not what I need" or "I no longer need it" basis.

AlterBrains provides software components and products that are digital software. If you find a bug in our product, please use our Support Center to inform the problem. Finding a bug is not a reason to request refund. We will do our best to fix the bug in the short terms and either provide you with the update files or include the correct version of the files in the next available update for the product.

Since there is a great amount of server configurations and it is impossible for us to test our products on every platform we provide help in getting our products up and running on your server. If you are unable to install and use as appropriate the product you've purchased  please contact us via Support Center and we will provide our help to get software work on you server. To achieve this we can ask for FTP access to your site, MySQL database (phpMyAdmin access) and Joomla! backend access.

You can ask for refund only if:

  • The stated functionalities of a component do not work and all our tries to fix it failed.

You can NOT ask for refund if:

  • Configuration of your server does not meet the component's requirements.
  • Your expectations are not satisfied: the component works not in a way you expect it to work. That means that if the stated functionalities you desire exists, but function differently than you dreamed.
  • Our working hours are not compatible with yours or you request support on weekends and you cannot be supported in time.
  • You have made an order you didn't want to do.
  • You just want your money back.

Indicative (non-exhaustive) list of cases where no refund is issued:

  • Inability to run our software because your site does not meet the minimum Joomla!, PHP and/or MySQL version requirements published in our documentation.
  • Dissatisfaction with our support services after denying giving us access to your site after us asking it, making it impossible to troubleshoot your issue.
  • Dissatisfaction with our support services after asking us to support you on local / not web-accessible installations, making it impossible to troubleshoot your issue.
  • You unilaterally decided that you do not need our software and/or support services after downloading the software and/or using our support services.
  • Hosting limitations do not allow you to use a particular feature of our software.
  • You thought that something was possible even though it isn't mentioned in the documentation and you never asked a pre-sales question to clarify it.
  • Early termination of a subscription.
  • Violation of our TOS leading to termination of your account.
  • Removal of a feature or discontinuation of a product on our part within your subscription term.
  • Lack of experience with web-development or Joomla.

Changes to this Statement

AlterBrains can occasionally update this Refund Policy to reflect company and customer feedback.