Alter Glossary

Extremely powerful and full-featured glossary component for Joomla!

Allows to highlight terms in articles as well as browsing and searching terms.

Supports Joomla articles and category descriptions, Joomla custom HTML modules, K2, EasyBlog, TZ Portfolio+ and own glossary terms pages. Developers can add support for own extensions via custom handlers.

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  • Unique advanced performance optimization for highlighting terms in content items: average server database load and memory usage are significantly minimized.
  • Frontend views 'List of Categories', 'List of Terms from Category', 'Single Term' and 'Add a Term'.
  • Frontend edit and creation of terms.
  • Separating of term full title and abbreviation (only abbreviation is highlighted in content).
  • Highlighting of terms in Joomla articles (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories) in article page and category articles listings, categories descriptions, custom HTML and 'Articles - Newsflash' modules.
  • Highlighting of terms in Alter Glossary terms descriptions (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories), categories descriptions.
  • Highlighting of terms in K2 items (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories) in item page and category items listings, categories descriptions.
  • Highlighting of terms in EasyBlog posts (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories) in post page and posts listings.
  • Highlighting of terms in TZ Portfolio+ articles (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories) in article page and category listings.
  • Count of term page views.
  • Alphabet filtering of terms with ability to configure preferred letters, separate letters into lines and add spacing between letters. Missed alphabet letters can be auto-disabled.
  • Search filter for tags with optional advanced search methods "Contains", "Begins with", "Exact" and "Sounds like".
  • "Sounds like" search method can use combinations of Soundex, Metaphone and Daitch-Mokotoff (works with Cyrillic terms) phonetic algorithms.
  • Bootstrap Tooltip or Bootstrap Popover types of tips for highlighting terms in content with configurable tip placement (top, bottom, left or right), Joomla 2.5 can use default MooTools-based tips.
  • Optional wrapping of highlighted term into a link to individual term page.
  • Ability to highlight terms on all menu items, selected menu items, all menu items except selected.
  • Native Joomla permissions system for creating, editing, editing state and editing own terms.
  • Nested terms categories, optional frontend display of terms counts in category.
  • Separating of term definition into introtext and fulltext, configurable display of introtext and/or fulltext in term category listings, individual term page and term tip.
  • Featured status for terms, featured terms can be optionally displayed first in category listing.
  • Intro Image and Main image selection for term category listing and individual term page.
  • Up to 5 configurable links for term, list of related links is displayed in individual term page.
  • Related terms feature, list of related terms is displayed in individual term page via "See also:" links. Terms are self-related: no need to setup relation of term B to term A if you already configured relation of term A to term B. Related term is easily configured via auto-suggestion list of available terms once you start typing term title.
  • Next/Previous terms links in individual term page.
  • Ability to configure list of HTML tags where terms won't be highlighted (essential feature for keeping your titles and links clean).
  • Case-sensitive / case-insensitive term highlighting with global setting and individual term setting.
  • Ability to highlight term only once in text with global setting and individual term setting.
  • Ability to customize colors and font size of tooltips and popovers.
  • Option to auto-fill meta description of term page with term's definition text.
  • Option to auto-add page terms to meta keywords of content item page.
  • Display a list of terms used in Joomla or K2 article.
  • Integration of Komento and JComments comments for individual term page.
  • Import of your current glossaries on demand (free of charge).
  • Native Joomla 3.1 tags support.
  • Search plugin.
  • Advanced routing mode: links to terms don't include ID.
  • 'Alter Glossary - Category' module: displays terms from selected categories.
  • Term synonyms.
  • Notify admin on frontend term creation/update.
  • Email user on frontend term creation.

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  • Joomla 3.8.12+ or 3.9.x.
  • PHP 5.6+ or PHP 7 with Mbstring extension.
  • MySQL 5.0.4+.
  • Large glossaries can require more memory for PHP scripts.
  • Bootstrap-based frontend and backend Joomla templates.



Current version:

  • Feature: send email to user once a term is added in frontend (configurable email subject and body).
  • Feature/fix: don't highlight term synonyms on individual term page.
  • Feature: support 'Articles - Newsflash' module.
  • Feature: captcha setting for guests frontend term edit/add.
  • Fix: issue with deleting terms since Joomla 3.9.1

06 June 2018 - ver. 1.4.4:

  • Feature: ability to send email to admin on term update in frontend.
  • Feature: TZ Portfolio Plus integration.

30 January 2018 - ver. 1.4.3:

  • Fix: Joomla 3.8.3 compatibility

24 December 2017 - ver. 1.4.2:

  • Feature: new Term Layout setting 'Show Back Link' to display term category link.
  • Fix: frontend term edit on Joomla 3.8

11 November 2017 - ver. 1.4.1:

  • Fix: 'Bootstrap popover on click' close button.
  • Feature: new setting 'Inline Term CSS' allows to set CSS rules for terms highlighted in text.
  • Fix: parsing of terms with single quotes, e.g. O'Neill.
  • Feature: EasyBlog support.

11 November 2016 - ver. 1.4.0:

  • Feature: dropped Joomla 2.5 support.
  • Feature: new Tip Types 'Popover fixed' and 'Tooltip fixed' allows to have frozen tip which disappears on mouse out only, so it' possible to click smth inside tip area. Such option was enabled only if a term had readmore text.
  • Fix: same terms pages with enabled Joomla caching.
  • Fix: issue with 3 columns layout of terms used in article.
  • Feature: new setting 'Redirect Synonyms' can be disabled and each synonym will get own URL and page with 'Synonym of XXX' text and a link to parent term for more details.
  • Feature: new tip type 'Bootstrap popover on click' displays popover with tip text on clicking the term.
  • Feature: new advanced setting 'Bootstrap 3 Support' helps with Bootstrap 3 CSS if your template uses Bootstrap 3.
  • Feature: JComments support for comments on individual term page.
  • Fix: terms not highlighted inside <hX> tags.
  • Feature: ability to load Bootstrap 3 assets for tooltips and popovers to use auto-positioning.
  • Feature: ability to customize colors and font size of tooltips and popovers.
  • Feature: ability to load special responsive style for tooltips and popovers to display them in full width on mobile devices.

04 March 2015 - ver. 1.3.1:

  • Feature: Allow tooltip link to be clicked if there is no Readmore link.
  • Feature: 'Link only' option for 'Tip Type' setting helps to display link to term page without tooltip.
  • Feature: parsing terms in K2 item extra fields of 'Text Field' and 'Textarea' types.
  • Fix: routing issue with child terms in 'Alter Glossary - Category Terms' module.
  • Fix+Feature: new advanced component setting 'Fix MooTools & Boostrap' helps to prevent issues with disappearing highlighted terms.
  • Feature: performance improvement.

09 July 2014 - ver. 1.3.0:

  • Fix: additional support for Chinese terms.
  • Feature: new component option 'Alphabet Numbers' allows to show/hide 09 filter option for alphabet filter.
  • Feature: term synonyms.

16 April 2014 - ver. 1.2.2:

  • Fix: issue with frontend terms edit.

31 March 2014 - ver. 1.2.1:

  • Fix: impossible to delete terms.
  • Fix: impossible to remove terms associations.
  • Feature: new settings '' and 'Highlight Abbreviation' - now you can highlight both term title and/or abbreviation in a text.

24 March 2014 - ver. 1.2.0:

  • Feature: default state and email notifications for new terms added via frontend.
  • Fix: incorrect term page if Joomla caching is enabled.
  • Fix: terms with hyphens were not parsed.
  • Feature: ability to use Root category for 'List of Terms from Category' menu item.
  • Feature: ability to highlight terms on all menu items, selected menu items, all menu items except selected.
  • Feature: 'Search Types' setting for controlling search types.
  • Fix: search with disabled SEF URLs.
  • Feature: terms associations.

17 January 2014 - ver. 1.1.2:

  • Feature: added 'Search Meta Description' and 'Search Term Description' settings.
  • Feature: separated search options for own search and content plugin search.
  • Feature: 'Terms Columns' setting for Category layout - allows display of terms in multiple columns.
  • Feature: 'Alter Glossary - Category' module to display terms from categories.
  • Feature: 'Terms List' - display of terms used in Joomla or K2 article.

12 August 2013 - ver. 1.1.1:

  • Added setting 'Search All Categories' - now you can search not inside current category only but in all categories also.
  • Added setting 'Show Terms' - now you can disable terms in category listing and see ABC and search filters only by default.
  • Added search plugin.
  • Added 'Show Links' setting for Category Layout.
  • Added 'Advanced Term Routing' setting - now term URLs can be without ID.

26 July 2013 - ver. 1.1.0

  • Added Joomla 2.5 compatibility
  • Added 'Search Meta Keywords' feature
  • Added Joomla 3.1 native tags

02 July 2013 - ver. 1.0.1

  • Added Komento comments for individual term pages

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