MightySites 4.0.0

  • Feature: custom Guest User Group setting per site.
  • Feature: improved and simplified dUI.
  • Feature: new content type 'Menus - Admin Navigation' helps to load backend menu from master if slave uses own tables for menus.
  • Change: PHP 7.2 as min.
  • Change: config files moved to domain root folder and renamed (before: configuration_xxx_master_site_com.php, after:
  • Upgrade notes: please backup your site before install of new version, single login/logout plugin should be also updated.
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Alter Reports 3.1.0

  • Feature: column types. We started with two column types: "Common" and "Row Number". Common column provides current behavior. Row Number column displays row numbers, you can disable "Row Numbers" option, add "Row Number" column and apply custom position/style easily. More column types are coming...
  • Feature: display global component setting value if a report setting is inherited.
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Alter Reports 3.0.1

  • Fix: inherit all current GET variables for report URL in order to preserve filtering based on these variables.
  • Fix: bloated columns. Please re-save a report with broken columns.
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Alter Reports 3.0.0

Warning: this is a major release with changes in SQL query conditional statements and custom layouts. It's better to test the new release on dev environment first.

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