Next MightySites release

Here are the short but exciting news about the upcoming MightySites release:

1. Joomla 4 compatibility.

2. Killer features for virtual sites using same database tables as master: ability to disable selected components, ability to have site-specific plugin and component settings.

3. Custom per-site recaptcha settings deprecated, now you can easily separate plug-in settings per site.

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Alter Glossary 2.4.0

The main new feature is Term Mentions: individual term page contains the list of pages where the term is mentioned.

Demo: click any term below under "Terms used:" title, see the "Mentions:" block on term page with this news page.

Please note that once installed, all current usage pages are emptied and will be auto-populated on page load. Hence, all usage data and mentions will be re-created soon.

Full change log:

  • Feature: canonical URL tags for category and term pages.
  • Feature: separate search yes/no options for title, original title, abbreviation and synonyms.
  • Fix: improved search in synonyms.
  • Note: update of all terms is required for search in synonyms.
  • Feature: advanced caching for logged users.
  • Feature: Smart Search plugin.
  • Feature: term mentions on term page (links to pages with the term mentions).
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Alter Reports 3.2.0

Fix/change: column names can only contain numbers, a-z, A-Z letters and underscore. Once a report is edited and bad column names exist, they are auto-renamed to correct format. You need to update the column names in SELECT clause of SQL query to match the new correct names. Remember, you can use column Heading property for displayed column heading which can include any chars.

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