Alter Surveys 2.0

  • Feature: new setting "Show Question Descriptions" for horizontal/vertical question sections. Both "Show Question Titles" and "Show Question Descriptions" have new option "Question Setting" for individual question control.
  • Feature: new question rules  'Answer is empty' and 'Answer is not empty'.
  • Feature: custom stored values from dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • Feature: download submission PDF from backend.
  • Feature: custom layouts for frontend and backend submission PDFs.
  • Fix: significantly improved question rules processing.
  • Change: PHP 7 as minimum.
  • Change: Joomla 3.9 as minimum.
  • Change: new layouts, custom layouts should be updated
  • Change: new locations of custom question answer and results layouts (/templates/your-template/com_asurveys/questions/question-type/answers/ and ./results/ folders).
  • Change: new location of custom question wrappers (/templates/your-template/com_asurveys/questions/default/wrapper folder)
  • Change: "related surveys" feature removed.
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Direct Alias Pro 2.0 works with Joomla 4

  • Fix: issue with shortened article URLs for multilingual websites and articles with page breaks.
  • Change: Joomla 3.9 as minimum.
  • Feature: Joomla 4 compatibility.
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Direct Alias 2.0 works with Joomla 4

  • Fix: Falang compatibility.
  • Feature: new setting 'Shorten All URLs' allows to remove all parent aliases for all menu items.
  • Change: Joomla 2.5 compatibility dropped, Joomla 4 compatibility added.
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Alter Surveys 1.4.0

  • Feature: DOMPDF library update.
  • Feature: new survey setting 'Auto Number Questions' helps to automatically prefix question titles with numbers.
  • Feature: new setting 'Require Changes' for 'Priority List' question helps to force user to re-order options.
  • Feature: new question rule action 'Remove page' helps to remove a whole page with questions.
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p8pbb bridge 4.0

Introducing new version with new completely re-written fast engine and full support of Joomla custom fields.

Joomla 3.9 and phpBB 3.2.4 are minimum requirements.p8pbb bridge requires either same database or different MySQL users for phpBB and Joomla.

Please re-map all synced fields in bridge settings after upgrade. Don't forget to update CB plugin and EasySocial application as well.

And... Yes! It works with Joomla 4 Alpha 5!

Note for websites with Community Builder: first disable p8pbb CB plugin, next update bridge and install new CB plugin, next enable 'p8pbb' CB plugin.


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