MightySites 4.1.0


  • Change: per-site settings in Overrides for site and secret keys of reCAPTCHA plugin removed.
  • Feature: per-site separation of selected plugin and component settings.
  • Feature: per-site components removal.
  • Feature: Joomla 4 compatibility.
  • Change: system plugin removed.
  • Note: please disregard error on update.


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Alter Glossary 2.4.0

The main new feature is Term Mentions: individual term page contains the list of pages where the term is mentioned.

Demo: click any term below under "Terms used:" title, see the "Mentions:" block on term page with this news page.

Please note that once installed, all current usage pages are emptied and will be auto-populated on page load. Hence, all usage data and mentions will be re-created soon.

Full change log:

  • Feature: canonical URL tags for category and term pages.
  • Feature: separate search yes/no options for title, original title, abbreviation and synonyms.
  • Fix: improved search in synonyms.
  • Note: update of all terms is required for search in synonyms.
  • Feature: advanced caching for logged users.
  • Feature: Smart Search plugin.
  • Feature: term mentions on term page (links to pages with the term mentions).
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Next MightySites release

Here are the short but exciting news about the upcoming MightySites release:

1. Joomla 4 compatibility.

2. Killer features for virtual sites using same database tables as master: ability to disable selected components, ability to have site-specific plugin and component settings.

3. Custom per-site recaptcha settings deprecated, now you can easily separate plug-in settings per site.

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