p8pbb bridge 4.0.7

  • Fix: not all forums are included in Joomla pathway.
  • Changes: minimum phpBB 3.3.0 is required.
  • Fix: usergroup changes in ACP.
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Alter Surveys 2.1.0

  • Fix: uploaded files are lost on submit of invalid survey page.
  • Feature: new setting "Multiple User Submissions Usergroups" to allow multiple submissions for specific usergroups only.
  • Feature: new permission rules "View Own Submissions", "Update Submissions", "Update Own Submissions" and frontend submission update functionality.
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p8pbb comments 3.3.0

  • Feature: new setting 'Content - Posting > Auto-Update First Post' allows to auto-update phpBB topic first post on article update.
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MightySites 3.3.4


  • Feature: 'Allowed/Disallowed K2 Categories' setting to protect K2 content.
  • Feature: new override setting 'Homepage Template Style' to always set custom homepage template style.
  • Feature: direct share of native Joomla custom fields (including categories and groups) and/or fields values.
  • Feature: new override settings 'Allow Frontend Login Usergroups' and 'Deny Frontend Login Usergroups' help to control site login.
  • Feature: new override settings 'JomSocial Template' to override JomSocial template per site.
  • Feature: override default backend template style.


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