p8pbb bridge 3.3.0

Please note that this is the last version to support Joomla 2.5 and phpBB 3.0.

  • Feature: new module 'p8pbb bridge - Statistics' to display phpBB statistics (total number of posts, topics, members and newest member). See module demo in sidebar of our forum.
  • Feature: new module 'p8pbb bridge - Login' to display avatar and number of unread PMs for logged user. See module demo in sidebar of our forum.
  • Fix: post reporting on phpBB 3.2
  • Feature: synchronization of Joomla custom fields (since Joomla 3.7.2)
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MightySites 3.3.1

More control over sites with shared menus and contents:

  • Feature: new Overrides settings 'Hide Menus' and 'Display Menus' allows to hide and/or exclusively display all menu items from selected menus.
  • Feature: new Overrides settings 'Disallow Content Categories' and 'Allow Content Categories' allows to guard categories and articles pages, 404 error is raised on protected pages.
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MightySites 3.3.0

  • Update: Joomla 3.7 as minimum
  • Feature: improved UI.
  • Update: terminology changes. 'Databases' are 'Data Sources', 'Content Sharing' is 'Data Overload' now.
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MightySites 3.2.10

  • Fix: menu item template style is ignored if site default template style override is configured.
  • Fix: Joomla 3.7 issue - backend menu is not loaded from 3rd-source if Extensions are loaded from this source. Such sites should be re-saved in MightySites after upgrade of MightySites.
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