p8pbb bridge 3.3.1

  • Feature: append pagination info (Page X of Y) for all meta titles and descriptions of all pages helps to have unique titles and descriptions.
  • Feature: new Latest Activity and Attachments module setting 'Friendly Posts Only' allows to display posts from phpBB friends only.
  • Feature: ability to use native Joomla mailer for all outgoing phpBB emails with editable HTML template.
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Alter Glossary 1.4.1 with EasyBlog support

  • Fix: 'Bootstrap popover on click' close button.
  • Feature: new setting 'Inline Term CSS' allows to set CSS rules for terms highlighted in text.
  • Fix: parsing of terms with single quotes, e.g. O'Neill.
  • Feature: EasyBlog support.
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Direct Alias Pro 1.3.0 - with short article URLs!

  • Change: Joomla 3.8 as minimum.
  • Change: PHP 5.5 as minimim.
  • Change: 'Remove Tag ID', 'Remove Content Article ID', 'Remove Content Category ID' and 'Append Content Article ID' settings removed.
  • Feature: new option to shorten article URLs in a form of E.g. the URL of this news page can be
    but not
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Alter Surveys 1.3.1

  • Feature: new question type 'Rating Scale' allows to select single number from a range.
  • Fix: incorrect submission answers in frontend view by admin.
  • Feature: if moderated, new submissions are created with new Pending status (previously with Unpublished status).
  • Fix: impossible to continue moderated submissions.
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