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Re: Manual

Post by lesson »

Hi, sent me a manual
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Name: Pushkar Rana

Re: Manual

Post by b2rana »

I have purchased this product few month back...and it works fine .Please mail me the manual for mightysite.
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Re: Manual

Post by Admin »

Please contact our Support Center:
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Name: omni kneeland

Re: Manual

Post by omni »

May I also receive the manual?
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Name: john

Re: Manual

Post by john123 »

Is there any manual other than the one in downloads section ? I would like one please..
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Name: Tim Gaser

Re: Manual

Post by HBActive »

Hello Admin,
Please could you email me a copy of the manual ...

Many thanks
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Re: Manual

Post by clintan »

please forward manual to AlterReport
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Re: Manual

Post by Hernandez »

Hi Admin,

Can I have a copy of the MightySites manual?


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Re: Manual

Post by jhawe »

can i get the manual as well - thanks
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Name: Assocyate Software

Re: Manual

Post by assocyate »

I would appreciate sending to me this manual too.