Using MODS with bridge

Installing and using phpBB MODs with the bridge.
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Using MODS with bridge

Post by YeeP »

For those that are using a style outside of jprosilver, then you must know the main hurdle you have to cross is the css files so they do not interfere with joomla. The same goes with the mods. Although I have had some hex problems with my files, I have succeeded in installing at least 15 mods and everything is working fine. Outside of this you must remember two things.

1) You will always have issues "finding" something in the file that relates back to a css file.
-this is not a big deal if you just remember to put phpbb_ in front of what you are looking for
2) With a heavily modified forum like mine, you will commit yourself to a lot of work when the next version of phpbb3 comes out.

Other than that, I have not found any mods that cannot be installed without a little bit of brain usage. As admin has told me before, the bridge does not modify the core files of phpbb3.

I hope this helps with anyone looking to mod their forum, or looking to buy the bridge but already has a modded forum.

If you do have a modded forum, you obviously have an idea of how to do this, and just need to spend some time with firebug to find the css classes that are interfering.
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Re: Using MODS with bridge

Post by MstSage1 »

I have gotten mods to work for the most part it's simple.. I use automod to install the mods, and it tells you what errors and what needs to go their. My thing that I am wondering, is for example the BBcode mod i installed along with like the topic/smilies end up going long ways descending? I didn't think this is a bridge issue more of just the forum being wrapped, and figured someone else might have solution.