Use of surveys follow up?

Powerful tool for organizing surveys or polls in your site with advanced statistics results.
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Use of surveys follow up?

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I really like this surveys extension but need it to be gathering also surveys to build up the statitics for a certain group of people/company that gather statitics frontend and then it will be added with sorting for time.

So this mean you do regularly surveys by invitations with Joomla ACL and then after a login certains users can add and see the statitics that grow over time.

And you have a dashboard for the statitics with green yellow and red for each of these survey questions that also is ordered by one main category and then the subcategory that is the real surveys with gathered statitics and also aggregated to the main category they belong..

:) so is this possible ? I can send an excel where I have done this manually
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Re: Use of surveys follow up?

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Unfortunately, this looks like a really specific custom request and are not able to add this feature.