MightySites 3.2.5

MightySites was unpublished from JED for a ridiculous reason: it stops Joomla from working in CLI mode. As usual - developers are notified once a listing is unpublished and now we should wait few days for re-publishing an extension :(

New version fixes this issue and master site's config is loaded in CLI now.

Configuration files were moved from site root folder to /components/com_mightysites/configuration/ folder.

New powerful features - ability to override 'File Path' and 'Image Path' settings of Media Manager (now each slave site can display own folders/images in Media Manager) + ability to override 'New User Registration Group' per site (so you can distinguish between users registered on different sites if users are shared).

Complete changelog:

  • Feature: now CLI mode uses configuration of master site (i.e. Akeeba backup via CLI will load global configuration of master site). Akeeba backup cron job can use CLI command now instead of previously required 'wget'.
  • Feature: move of sites configuration files into /components/com_mightysites/configuration folder. By default files were stored in root folder of Joomla installation.
  • Fix: punycode for IDN host names.
  • Feature: ability to override 'File Path' and 'Image Path' settings of Media Manager.
  • Feature: ability to override 'New User Registration Group' per site.
  • Fix: wrong alias confiig.
  • Feature: 'mightysites' group of plugins for adding own components for data sharing with onMightysitesGetSynchs and onMightysitesCreateReplacements events.
  • Feature: new site now inherits all settings (including sharing options and overrides) from 'Configuration Source' site.

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