Alter Surveys 1.1.10

Multiple new features  and new long-awaited File Upload question type allows users to attach files to surveys.

Complete changelog:

  • Feature: question settings to display/hide title and description on frontend answers page.
  • Fix: PDF send option for admin on survey submit.
  • Feature: new settings 'Guest Name Question' and 'Guest Email Question' in survey settings 'Email Notifications' -> 'Submit - User Notification' help to auto-fill user details in submission record and send submit notifications to guest users.
  • Feature: 'Display All Options' question setting in 'Results Options' for "Checkbox List", "Drop-down List" and "Radio Buttons List" questions. Allows to display all options in results chart, by default only options with available answers are displayed.
  • Feature: new survey settings 'Results Start Date' and 'Results Start Date' to limit survey results display availability.
  • Feature: translation of all email notification subjects and texts, so native Joomla Language Overrides can be used and multilingual emails are possible.
  • Feature: new setting 'Load Answers' for Drop-Down question type helps to auto-populate big lists by pasting options into textarea, each line will be added to answers configuration table. It's quite handy to auto-populate list of countries.
  • Feature: 'File Upload' question type allows users to attach files to surveys.
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