Alter Reports 3.0.0

Warning: this is a major release with changes in SQL query conditional statements and custom layouts. It's better to test the new release on dev environment first.

  • Feature: ability to use {filter.label} placeholder for currently selected option label of dropdowns, checkboxes and radio filter.
  • Fix: inner tabs and headings aligned nicely.
  • Feature: new report PDF setting 'Grouped Row Page Break' to add a page break before grouped row.
  • Feature: new report settings 'Grouped Row Template' and 'Grouped Row PHP Processor' allow to control grouped table row output.
  • Fix: columns ordering in frontend.
  • Feature: {where} tag for main SQL query which is auto-replaced with auto-generated search conditions. Helps if you have sub-queries with WHERE clause.
  • Feature: new setting 'Grouped Row Headings' to display column headings before or after grouped row.
  • Fix: issue with deleting reports/databases since Joomla 3.9.1
  • Feature: new setting 'Show Subheadings' helps to control visibility and position of subheadings row (above or below main headings).
  • Change: PHP 7.x as min.
  • Fix: pagination error with embedded reports.
  • Change: all filter tags inside SQL query conditional statements should be wrapped in {}: /* IF {filterTag} */ but not /* IF filterTag */.
  • Feature: SQL query can include PHP code via <?php ... ?> tags.
  • Feature: SQL query can include PHP code and complex logic, i.e. /* IF (strpos({filterTag}, 'test') === 0 && !empty({filterTag2})) */.
  • Feature: report settings for unused download formats can be globally disabled.
  • Feature: faster and cleaner UI for report edit.
  • Change: new report layouts, please compare with your existing custom layouts with the new layouts.
  • Feature: ability to create and delete report columns manually.
  • Feature: new backend filters layout "joomla" to match the Joomla table filters style.
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PHP, Template, Joomla

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