Alter Reports 2.2.0

The most useful feature of this new release is an option to use wkhtmltopdf engine to generate PDFs. This engine allows to generate really large PDFs and consumes less server resources (time and memory) than previously used default 'dompdf' engine.

  • Fix: common style settings for footer are applied.
  • Feature: ability to get label of selected filter option(s) for dropdown/radio/checkbox filters via {tag.label}
  • Fix: issue with radio filters not selecting previous value.
  • Feature: new filter tags {TAGNAME.join_commas}, {TAGNAME.join_spaces} and {TAGNAME.join_pipes} to get string of comma/space/pipe separated multiple values, handy for e.g. FIND_IN_SET() or REGEXP.
  • Fix: alien zeros in XLS footer.
  • Feature: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 support via sqlsrv.
  • Feature: new component setting 'Advanced > Bootstrap 3 Layouts' to help with Bootstrap 3 code.
  • Feature: selection of PDF Engine. By default previous 'dompdf' engine is used, alternatively you can select 'wkhtmltopdf' engine which provides faster and more accurate PDFs but requires wkhtmltopdf library installed on your server.
Terms used:

Component, Bootstrap, LESS

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