Alter Glossary 3.0.0

  • Fix: broken search by synonyms via com_search component.
  • Feature: native Joomla plugins for handling terms in content.
  • Feature: VirtueMart support.
  • Feature: add Term button in Joomla editor to insert correct term URL.
  • Feature: new Glossary List layout to display a table of terms.
  • Feature: display author, glossary and term dates on term page.
  • Changes: "term" view renamed to "article", "terms" view renamed to "articles". Most settings renamed (term > article).
  • Feature: Joomla 4 compatibility.
  • Upgrade instructions: install the new package, revise and save component options, publish and configure required plugins of 'aglossary' type. Adjust custom layouts to new view and settings names.
Terms used:

Article, Component, Plugin, Joomla

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