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Alter Glossary 2.0.0

Introducing new Alter Glossary - with simplified UI and term usage statistics.

Full change log:

  • Feature: simplified synonyms management: just enter synonyms on term edit page.
  • Feature: per-term Joomla permissions.
  • Feature: Joomla custom fields support.
  • Feature: new term element "Original Title" can hold the original title, i.e. Latin name.
  • Feature: global and per-term options to highlight term Title, Abbreviation, Original Title and Synonyms.
  • Feature: ability to include/exclude term abbreviation and original title into tip title, category view term title and individual term view term title.
  • Feature: global and per-term tip link target option (same window, new window) and link nofollow relation options.
  • Feature: select tip HTML element tag (span, abbr, strong, i) for non-link tips.
  • Feature: custom term URLs.
  • Feature: per-term tip type and tip tag selection.
  • Feature: terms edit history.
  • Feature: separate each glossary (term category) as search area in Joomla search.
  • Feature: term usage statistics.
  • Feature: OSMap (ex XMap) sitemap extension plugin.
  • Feature: display "Featured" badge on individual term page.
  • Feature: new term setting "Term Layout > Page Heading" to control the custom heading on on individual term page.

Upgrade notes: install the new package, revise and re-save component options.