more presales questions

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more presales questions

Post by SturgisRider »

I currently have a Joomla site and also use PHPBB - they are not currently 'bridged'.
Can I use my existing install of PHPBB and integrate it into my Joomla site with P8Pbb?
or does this require a fresh install?
If needed, can I install a fresh PHPBB, and then just transfer over current posts and users once the Bridge is setup and working?

Do I need to give my current phpbb a new template to insure compatibility? (I'm ok with that, if so)

Do you, or do you have partners who will, do this work for hire?
Or can you recommend anyone.

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Re: more presales questions

Post by Admin »

Current phpBB can be used.

Our special jprosilver style will be required for wrapped mode integration (like this forum).