A few Questions Regarding p8pbb Bridge

Ultimate bridge for connecting Joomla! and phpBB 3.
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A few Questions Regarding p8pbb Bridge

Post by Nati »

let me start by saying web development is not my area of expertise, therefor I am asking a few questions before buying the bridge just to have ease of mind.

I am currently running Joomla 3.8 on my website, with Kunena forums. Sadly, Kunena just doesn't work for me, and since the forums haven't even opened yet (just the website itself, the forum is 0 messages), it's not to late for me to change the forum systems.

My questions are:
1.How difficult is it to actually install the p8pbb bridge? :lol:

2.Just to clarify, it will go right into my website, easily, within the template itself?

Thanks again,
again - this is not my area of expertise, and before buying and getting myself into more than I can chew, i'd rather make sure.

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Re: A few Questions Regarding p8pbb Bridge

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Bridge installation takes 5 mins, but note that it requires presence of phpBB itself. phpBB installation also takes 5 mins.

We provide free installation.

Yes, phpBB is displayed inside Joomla template, just like usual Joomla component.