p8pbb bridge light 2.0

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p8pbb bridge light 2.0

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  • Feature: JComments avatars plugin.
  • Fix: issue with Joomla>phpBB login on disabled forum.
  • Changes: Joomla 3.9 and phpBB 2.3 as minimum, PHP 7 as minimum.
  • Feature: synchronization of Joomla usergroups and phpBB groups changes.
  • Feature: synchronization of Joomla custom user fields and phpBB profile fields changes.
Upgrade instructions:

  1. Login into Joomla backend and phpBB ACP.
  2. Set phpBB Authentication method back to Db.
  3. Disable "p8pbb bridge light" phpBB extension.
  4. Delete /phpBB3/ext/alterbrains folder
  5. Unpack ext_p8pbb_light_2.0.0.zip into /phpBB3/ext folder.
  6. Enable "p8pbb bridge light" phpBB extension.
  7. Install pkg_p8pbblight_2.0.0.zip in Joomla extension manager.
  8. Update settings of "Authentication - p8pbb-light bridge" Joomla plugin.

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