Same users but different access level

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Same users but different access level

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For Example, I have a site and ( or or is a new/magazine site - I want registered level users to submit just an article or news but won't be able to submit videos is a Media sharing website - I want all registered user levels to submit videos and pictures.

Note: I would like to use only one joomla installation for both site. Can I accomplish this with Mightysite? If so, how? :??:

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Re: Same users but different access level

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You can have a separate category for Videos and separate for Articles.
You can have 2 additional usergroups: 'Videos Publisher' and 'Articles Publisher'.
Categories can be configured to allow submit for one of these specific usergroups only via usual Joomla ACL.

For one Joomla installation I recommend last two case studies: ... se-studies