Question About Setting Up Multi Siting

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Question About Setting Up Multi Siting

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I have seven years of joomla knowledge and 0 years multi-siting knowledge. I don't understand multi siting yet. Do you install joomla individually for each site and then just point those installs to the data base of the master? Or do you some how install them after establishing them as slaves within the component of the master first? Is the component installed on every site or just the master? Basically what I want to do is have jom social on every site, one user to login all sites. Preferrably the user won'ty have to update their profile on every site either. Is this possible. Also wordpress for joomla made by has a menu item for multi sites to have more then one blog. Would this work somehow too? I know there's another more expensive extension called multi sites. Will it work with Mighty Sites aswell? I read the pdf for setting up several times. I kind of understand multi siting but not fully yet. Can someone make me understand better please?


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Re: Question About Setting Up Multi Siting

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Please check our case studies first: ... es-manager

Unfortunately, full understanding of setting up Joomla multi-sites environment requires at least basic developer knowledge and understanding Joomla files/database structure.

Joomla doesn't support multi-tenancy, hence running multiple sites requires knowledge of which database data can be shared and how it's used.