Pre-Sales question

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Pre-Sales question

Post by teewinston »

I want to know if I can have 1 single master site that has all content.

Then I want to have multiple child sites with with different members/administrators who can edit content for that specific site, and put into categories that will be displayed on the master. The master will publish all site content.

I want only the master site admnistrator to be able to edit menus, site configuration, category definitions, etc. layouts, etc. But, the sub-site administrators can manage all their content for ONLY their site such as:

add pictures
add videos
list products for sale

I have attached a drawing I created that demonstrates what I want to do. Can your product do this?

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Re: Pre-Sales question

Post by Admin »

All sites should use same files and same database tables.

Next you can use standard Joomla ACL and block certain actions for admins via permissions. I can confirm that for core Joomla components, but not for other components used (for videos, events, pictures, products etc.).

If these 3rd-party component use Joomla ACL and allow you to setup required permissions - it will work.