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Post by basse »

I am quoting on a site that I want to make in Joomla. It will be duplicated to around 60 sites, all using the same template, but I need a front end editor that will enable each site's admin to log in to the front end and
  • replace their logo (resizing in proportion to a pre set max height /width)
    upload ads with links (resizing in proportion to a pre set max height /width)
    change text without spoiling css
    create new articles and games scores
    and I need it to have a mobile template that the admin can choose (again from front end - or an intermediate backend - i.e. not the full joomla backend) what they want to show on the mobile version - from a list that I would make available.
(it will be for teams, and each team will have their own site, reachable from the main site via a menu)

Can your component do this?
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Re: pre-sales

Post by Admin »

No, it's not possible.

Each site in MightySites has own usual Joomla backend and these changes can't be applied in frontend.