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Re: Access to the user manual

Post by kenoffice »

Presale q
1. please send me user manual/instructions
2. please tell me if with your solution I can achieve this:
4 slaves:,,,
The "slaves" will be installed on same server, as subdomains. All slaves will have: DIFFERENT files (an separate joomla installation on their respective subfolders) and DIFFERENT databases (on same MySql server, same user & password, only the db name and table prefix will be different).
I want that all, the master and it's slaves, to act like independent joomla sites, the only thing to have in common is the SHARING OF USERS. I mean if an user is registering on an website (no matter if master or slave, can be anyone) to look like is registered to rest of sites; I mean if the customer click on "My account" or My Profile, whatever, to be loaded his info from one single table from main database
Also, I want to know if we define some custom fields for customers (like age, location, etc) these can be shared ?

I think most appropiate way is the case study "Subsites with shared components data and independent core" but there you forgot to mention what about files... they are shared or not ? Moreover, the case "Sharing database data between existing independent websites" is much more appropiate than previous case but there at the bottom of the case you mention something to give me impression to use same files (not independent files for each install) so I don't think can help me...

thank you !

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Re: Access to the user manual

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You need the case study "Sharing database data between existing independent websites": ... t-websites.

All sites are separated (usual Joomla installations with own files and database) but all slaves will load users, usergroups and access level tables from master site, hence these data will be always same on all sites.