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components not editable via Joomfish solutions

Posted: June 14th, 2015, 8:43 am
by lineofstars
Hi everybody !
I have Jommla Spanish 1.5.22.
I try to find a solution for the bits of words that JoomFish can not be directly translated.
So there is language selector drop down menu,in english, spanish and the last one in french,the language that Im tring to translate to.
I have translated most of the parts of the web by the editable JoomFish option,but there are some that it does not come up,despite that I have installed in the JoomFish Content Element Installer the zip file from this link ... age_id=395
Also I have a doubt that this zip package suppose to be installed in JoomFish Content Element Installer or to Extension Manager directly to Joomla.
Below are words or lines that in the Joom Fish FR translation does not appear:
1.the Login menu
vmLOGIN menu form.jpg
Your cart is currently empty not translated.jpg
"Your cart is currently empty"
"You save"
Navigation between products as "Start ,Prev,Next ,End"
"Recently Viewed Products"

I attach 2 screen capture where you can see better what I mean and what INSPECTOR of FIREFOX WEB DEV shows.
I need to know what alternative options are out there,I believe there are more cases like mine.
If I have to modify manually the xml files, where I can localize each one?
Thanks in advance to anyone who will contribuite to solve this post!