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Separate domain for each language of multilingual website

You have a website http://master.com which uses native Joomla multilingual features with enabled 'System - Language filter' plugin and want to have separate domain for individual language version, i.e. http://master-fr.com or http://fr.master.com.

MightySites will force preferred content language for each subsite and you will see only language-specific items for each site.

Language prefix can be removed from URL, so instead of http://fr.master.com/fr/news you will get nice http://fr.master.com/news.

Each subsite should be created as parked domain for master site in your hosting panel first.

Note that you should manually create links to language domains, standard 'Language switcher' module will still use relative URLs.

All contents are managed from backend of master site as usual.

Each site can use own template style and load own CSS file.

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