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ISO Code
# Name Full name 3166-1 alpha-2 3166-1 alpha-3 3166-1 numeric Continent
16 Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan AZ AZE 031 AS
17 Bahamas Commonwealth of the Bahamas BS BHS 044 NA
18 Bahrain Kingdom of Bahrain BH BHR 048 AS
19 Bangladesh People's Republic of Bangladesh BD BGD 050 AS
20 Barbados Barbados BB BRB 052 NA
21 Belarus Republic of Belarus BY BLR 112 EU
22 Belgium Kingdom of Belgium BE BEL 056 EU
23 Belize Belize BZ BLZ 084 NA
24 Benin Republic of Benin BJ BEN 204 AF
25 Bermuda Bermuda BM BMU 060 NA
26 Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan BT BTN 064 AS
27 Bolivia Republic of Bolivia BO BOL 068 SA
28 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina BA BIH 070 EU
29 Botswana Republic of Botswana BW BWA 072 AF
30 Bouvet Island Bouvet Island (Bouvetoya) BV BVT 074 AN

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