phpBB 3.1 released

Finally the new phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus is released, we are performing final tests and will also release updated p8pbb bridge versions (full and light editions) this week.

New jprosilver 3.1 theme specially adopted for wrapped mode will be also available.

For now we don't recommend to upgrade to phpBB 3.1 because bugs happen :), better wait a week.

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Alter Reports 1.2.0 - now with PDF reports!

Finally we added PDF reports download. You can customize PDF like other formats: set document orientation and size, setup fonts properties, colors and backgrounds for table header, body and footer.

The most exciting feature is that you can create own custom HTML templates and they will be auto-converted into PDF documents, so you can embed logo images and other data.

The next major feature we will add is report caching: report generation can take time, but sometimes we don't need to generate reports using live data and cached file can be loaded immediately, cached report can be re-created after certain period of time, so it will be not outdated.

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Alter Surveys 1.1.7

  • Feature: images for 'Radio button list' and 'Checkbox list' question options.
  • Feature: vertical answers layout for backend submissions list.
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