Alter Surveys 1.1.4

  • Feature: new option 'Bar only' option for 'Progress Bar Mode' setting was removed, new separate setting 'Progress Bar Label' added.
  • Feature: questions are dynamically hidden according to behavioral rules on same page.
  • Feature: new settings 'Min Selected Options' and 'Max Selected Options' for 'Checkbox List' question type allow to control how much options should be checked by user.
  • Fix: radio-button answers not displayed in answers.
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Alter Reports 1.1.9

  • Feature: 'Vertical' report layout - allows to display headings and report data vertically.
  • Fix: once checked checkbox filter always had last option checked.
  • Fix: issue with filters not applied.
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p8pbb bridge 3.2.7

  • Feature: 'Private Group Forum' setting for JomSocial application: if existing JomSocial Group is saved as Private - permissions of all groups for associated phpBB forum are changed to 'No access' role (except for Administrators and Moderators).
  • Fix: JomSocial group save.
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MightySites 3.2.5

MightySites was unpublished from JED for a ridiculous reason: it stops Joomla from working in CLI mode. As usual - developers are notified once a listing is unpublished and now we should wait few days for re-publishing an extension :(

New version fixes this issue and master site's config is loaded in CLI now.

Configuration files were moved from site root folder to /components/com_mightysites/configuration/ folder.

New powerful features - ability to override 'File Path' and 'Image Path' settings of Media Manager (now each slave site can display own folders/images in Media Manager) + ability to override 'New User Registration Group' per site (so you can distinguish between users registered on different sites if users are shared).

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