Alter Reports 1.2.1

Multiple new features and improvements:

  • New report setting 'Template Article' in PDF downloads settings allows to select a Joomla article which will be used as HTML template for PDF (article can have tags {TITLE} and {REPORT} which are auto-replaced with report title and results table, hence you can wrap report in your own custom text with logo image etc.).
  • Fix: missed PDF checkbox for filter availability.
  • Feature: new report setting 'Show Rows Count' to display number of loaded rows.
  • Feature: new conditional queries for user properties, i.e. /* IF USER.GROUPS != 11 */ .. do smth if user has 11th usergroup ... /* ENDIF */
  • Feature: new setting 'Filters Layout' for Frontend and Backend Views allows to display filters in either vertical or horizontal layout.
  • Feature: new setting 'Display Online' for checkbox and radio filters allows to display options inline.
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Alter Glossary 1.3.1

  • Feature: Allow tooltip link to be clicked if there is no Readmore link.
  • Feature: 'Link only' option for 'Tip Type' setting helps to display link to term page without tooltip.
  • Feature: parsing terms in K2 item extra fields of 'Text Field' and 'Textarea' types.
  • Fix: routing issue with child terms in 'Alter Glossary - Category Terms' module.
  • Fix+Feature: new advanced component setting 'Fix MooTools & Boostrap' helps to prevent issues with disappearing highlighted terms.
  • Feature: performance improvement.
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