Alter Surveys

Powerful tool for organizing surveys or polls in your site with advanced statistics results.

This extension is a comprehensive but easy-to-use Survey and Polling Tool. Alter Surveys is designed to create surveys or polls or forms, collect data and present advanced statistics results.

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  • Frontend views 'List of Surveys Categories', 'List of Surveys from Category', 'Single Survey', 'Survey Results', 'Survey Answers'.
  • Core configurable question types: Checkbox List, Drop-down list, Radio Buttons List, Text Area, Text Line, Rating Table, Priority List - see demo for full-featured examples of all questions.
  • Ability to aggregate questions into vertical or horizontal sections, so each question can be duplicated inside a section.
  • Ability to provide 'Other' answer for questions with pre-defined answers (Checkbox List, Drop-down list, Radio Buttons List, Rating Table).
  • Page-breaks for questions, automatical pagination into specified number of questions per page.
  • Ability to display questions horizontally in columns.
  • Featured status of questions and ability to display featured questions first.
  • Saving of intermediate survey results for logged users, so they can proceed with survey later.
  • Ability to re-take a survey for logged user.
  • Questions SVG results statistics: List, Linear, Bars, Pie. Settings of chart colors, dimensions, legend, axis etc.
  • Backend surveys' submissions list with detailed view of all answers, XLS and PDF export features with ability to create own custom PDF templates via usual HTML.
  • Backend individual submission answers view with edit submission page.
  • Backend survey results page with rich statistics per each question, ability to change results charts, order results, search within results etc.
  • Printable views of answers and statistics results.
  • Native Joomla permissions system for creating, editing, editing state, editing own, taking, re-taking and viewing results of surveys. Each survey has own permissions.
  • Nested surveys categories, optional frontend display of surveys counts in category.
  • Separating of survey description into introtext and fulltext, configurable display of introtext and/or fulltext in surveys category listings and individual survey page.
  • Featured status for surveys: featured surveys can be optionally displayed first in category listing.
  • Intro Image and Main image selection for survey category listing and individual survey page.
  • Up to 5 configurable links for survey, list of related links is displayed in individual survey page.
  • Related surveys feature, list of related surveys is displayed in individual survey page via "See also:" links. Surveys are self-related: no need to setup relation of survey B to survey A if you already configured relation of survey A to survey B.
  • elated survey is easily configured via auto-suggestion list of available surveys once you start typing survey title.
  • Next/Previous surveys links in individual survey page.
  • Frontend view of survey results and logged user's answers.
  • Survey progress bar with questions or pages progress data (Question 3 of 5 or Questions 2-6 of 14 or Page 1 of 5).
  • Ability to use answers from previous pages in question titles via tags.
  • Optional survey start page with configurable text.
  • Survey after submit redirect to custom URL or finish page with configurable text or survey results or user's answers.
  • Survey pre-submit and post-submit PHP code execution.
  • Flood control by IP, session and cookies. Captcha for guest users (via native Joomla captcha plugins).
  • After submit email notifications to multiple addresses with customizable subject and message body for admins and registered Joomla user. Email can contain HTML table with survey submission answers.
  • Optional moderation of submissions.
  • Behavioral rules for questions: depending on answer you can hide certain questions and redirect user to specific page or a question within a survey. Rule condition allows to check question answer for equal/not equal, contains/doesn't contain, less/greater than, less/greater than or equal to.
  • Integration of Komento comments for individual survey page.
  • Question chromes help to display a question in default or form-like mode.
  • Native Joomla 3.1 tags support.
  • Advanced routing mode: links to surveys don't include ID.
  • Option to auto-fill meta description of survey page with survey's description text.
  • Rich developer facilities: you can create your custom question types and results views with user-defined XML parameters, overwrite layouts of core questions and results views.
  • Uses brilliant SVGGraph library by Goat 1000 (LGPL v3).
  • Uses brilliant DOMPDF library (LGPL v2.1).

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  • PHP 5.3+ & MySQL 5.0.4+
  • Joomla 3.3.3+ installed and running correctly.
  • Bootstrap-based frontend and backend Joomla templates.
  • Depending on your server settings you may be forced to increase the limit of PHP settings memory_limit, and suhosin.request.max_vars (if Suhosin is installed).



20 October 2014 - ver. 1.1.8:

  • Feature: new tags for question Title and Description - {answer_XXX} where XXX is question ID. Tags are auto-replaced with answers from previous survey pages.
  • Feature: question setting 'Alternative Title' in 'Answers Options' and 'Results Options' - this title is used alternatively on answers and results pages when usual title with answer tag can't be auto-replaced.
  • Feature: PDF export of backend submission answers.

09 October 2014 - ver. 1.1.7:

  • Feature: images for 'Radio button list' and 'Checkbox list' question options.
  • Feature: vertical answers layout for backend submissions list.

01 October 2014 - ver. 1.1.6:

  • Fix: inability to save new settings for answers and results pages.

28 September 2014 - ver. 1.1.5:

  • Feature: guest users can view results of previously completed surveys (applies for new submissions only).
  • Feature: separate configurable texts for answers and results pages with user tags support and ability to wrap answers/results inside text.
  • Feature: allow user to email answers to himself/admin from answers page. New email templates added on survey pages for that. 'Pages' and 'Email Notifications' tabs were revamped for better usability.

14 September 2014 - ver. 1.1.4:

  • Feature: new option 'Bar only' option for 'Progress Bar Mode' setting was removed, new separate setting 'Progress Bar Label' added.
  • Feature: questions are dynamically hidden according to behavioral rules on same page.
  • Feature: new settings 'Min Selected Options' and 'Max Selected Options' for 'Checkbox List' question type allow to control how much options should be checked by user.
  • Fix: radio-button answers not displayed in answers.

1 September 2014 - ver. 1.1.3:

  • Feature: 'Surveys Columns' setting for surveys category view.
  • Feature: 'Display Average Score' in results of Rating Table - helps to see average result with numeric options.
  • Fix: don't require mandatory questions to be answered if user goes to previous page.
  • Feature: 'Bar only' option for 'Progress Bar Mode' setting - helps to hide 'Page X of Y' and 'Questions X-Y of Z' titles in progress bar.
  • Fix: date calendar in IE and Firefox for 'date' and 'datetime' Text Line questions.
  • Feature: 'Date Display Format' setting for submission results of Date text question.
  • Feature: 'Priority List' question type - allows user to re-order list options via drag-and-drop.
  • Feature: 'Survey Results' and 'Survey Answers' menu item types.

28 August 2014 - ver. 1.1.2:

  • Feature: new behavioral rule 'Go to question' - allows to redirect user right to a page with certain question.
  • Fix: keep single cell for answers with multiple lines in XLS export.
  • Feature: ability to expand answers in horizontal and vertical sections groups into single XLS cell, same for checkboxes.
  • Feature: new tags for answers in email template - {answer_XXX} where XXX is question ID.
  • Feature: animation for List results.
  • Feature: new question type 'Rating Table' allows to display table of multiple sub-questions with single option per question.

12 May 2014 - ver. 1.1.1:

  • Feature: separate settings for user email notification on survey submit. Warning! Email body tags for links were changed!
  • Fix: Joomla 3.0 compatibility.

01 April 2014 - ver. 1.1.0:

  • Feature: new survey setting 'Show Description Page', if disabled - you can pass directly to questions once survey link is clicked.
  • Fix: display of surveys from category issue with same surveys.
  • Fix: Komento integration.
  • Feature: questions behavioral rules.

11 Nov 2013 - ver. 1.0.0

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