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Re: Manual

Post by richchatfield »

I'd like a copy of Manual please.
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Re: Manual

Post by hatami »

would you please sent me a user manual because i find out that your component is so useful for our business so please send me one via my email .

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Re: Manual

Post by tdaristo »

Please can you email it to me.
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Re: Manual

Post by chessbook »

hi there

very interested in buying this extension would you please send me the manual to ascertain if i could set it up properly? thank you regards

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Re: Manual

Post by ferrari0paul »

... please have one manual for me as well. How about posting it in the membership area?

Many thanks
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Name: Fernando


Post by fmolina »

I need one too, please
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Name: cheryl Judd

Re: Manual

Post by confluence »

Can you email me the manual for mighty sites too ?
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Re: Manual

Post by mjl1817 »

have you considered putting the manual as a download? then we would not all need to be asking for it all the time.. In the meantime would you be so kind as to email me a copy of the manual?
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Re: Manual

Post by Wrina »

I would like to buy, but need to see manual to determine if its right for us.. will you please forward the manual

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Re: Manual

Post by mekomedia »

Can you send me the manual.
Just ordered mightysites