Pre-purchase question phpBB Bridge

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Pre-purchase question phpBB Bridge

Post by Boardtalk02 » April 27th, 2019, 6:45 am

Hi All,

I currently have a phpBB forum (10 years old) and using Wordpress on the root for articles. Am planning to move to Joomla and integrate with EasySocial and your phpBB Bridge.

As you know, there's a large learning curve going from Wordpress to Joomla and its going to take a bit of time before I'm ready for the move. I've setup a separate, virgin testing domain just to learn the basics.

The next plan is to to setup a sub-domain for my 10 year old site so I can begin moving articles over to Joomla, set up EasySocial with the phpBB bridge and make a copy of my current phpBB and set it up on the sub-domain while my live site works away as normal.

The question I have is this, If I make a copy of my current phpBB and set it up on the sub-domain can I later merge all the new posts and users form the live site at a later stage? Then move everything over to the root. With the result, from a user point of view that we moved seamlessly to the new system?

Hope I've explained myself well. Also, if you have a better solution to moving my existing site over, I'm all ears.

Thanks :)

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Re: Pre-purchase question phpBB Bridge

Post by Admin » April 29th, 2019, 1:21 pm

Merging is too complex and just useless. You can create a temp phpBB copy for development and next just start using the live phpBB.

Remember that Joomla should be installed in root: i.e. or, phpBB should be installed in 1st-level subfolder, i.e. or

So, if you have current, you will be able to start using it for Joomla once going live.