p8pbb bridge by AlterBrains

Ultimate bridge for connecting Joomla! and phpBB 3.
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p8pbb bridge by AlterBrains

Post by Giancarlo »

I just wanted to put into words how good this software is and also the backup that is provided by AlterBrains, it has to be the best software company that I have ever dealt with and the bridge works flawlessly integrating my phpbb3 forum and Joomla seamlessly together!

If you ever have any doubts about making the move then don't because this experience that I have had with this company has been 1st class and thoroughly recommend going ahead and buying from them, I also purchased the comments extension, which once again is another classy package which does what it says on the tin, exactly and again superb backup from them, any questions and they are there to help, so very cool indeed!!! 8)

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Re: p8pbb bridge by AlterBrains

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Thanks for your feedback!
You can leave a review in Joomla extensions directory:
http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions ... dges/22896

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Re: p8pbb bridge by AlterBrains

Post by exgeek »

I will join ya writing an awesome review at the extensions directory
Giancarlo says it all


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Re: p8pbb bridge by AlterBrains

Post by dtouch »

I had left a review too :)