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SEO question

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Hi. I am developing a Virtuemart site on J 3.5.0 for my client which bought Mightysites 3.2.5 a year ago.. 1 master domain and 5 other domains sharing VM categories in one Joomla installation.

Currently on frontend everything works as expected, but I am having troubles with SEO..

Is it normal, that no meta description and keywords are being shown in page source?

I have edited all configuration files manualy and though backend, butt I still cant see
<meta name="keywords" content="xxx" />
<meta name="description" content="xxx" />

Only <meta name="title" content="xxx" /> is beeing shown.. Is this normal?

Does mighty sites work with Artio Joomsef?


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Re: SEO question

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Does mighty sites work with Artio Joomsef?
Yes, it's possible to load Artio Joomsef database from other site.

Please contact support center for tags issue: