Presales Question based on proposed site layout

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Presales Question based on proposed site layout

Post by Wrina »

Hello Admin,
I would like to know if your application can handle my proposed setup.
I have included two simple outline images below.

My goal is for users to have one login session across all sites; for their profiles to be the same across all systems; and a messaging system for multi-site communication collaboration.

After the images i have copied a list of the components we are/will use for the build.
Please let me know if these comps can be used with your application.

Thank you for your help



Shopping Comp
HikaShop Multi-Vendor

Membership Comp
Emerald Subscriptions

Internal Communication
Community Builder
Group Jive
Kunena Forums
Project Fork

Separate Comps
Appointment Booking Pro
Smart Slider3
Vertical Menu (Nextend)

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Re: Presales Question based on proposed site layout

Post by Admin »

MightySites can allow all sites to share certain database tables, all users tables should be shared in your case: all slave sites will load users tables from database of master site, hence all users/usergroups/user-usergroup relations will be always same across all sites, no matter where you register/create/update/delete a user, all sites are affected because same database tables are used.

Special single login is possible (once user logs on site A - the login requests are also sent to sites B,C etc.), session sharing is only possible if you use single master site and all slaves are its subdomains.

Requirements: all sites should use same MySQL server and MySQL users of slave sites should have access to database of master site (full privileges).

Note that user-related images like avatars will not be shared unless all sites use same files (not your case) or you setup symlinks for all images folders on slave sites to same 'master' folders on master site.

All components should use native Joomla database layer JFactory::getDbo().

Sharing of messaging system like UddeIM is possible if it uses native database layer (I guess it does). Images will not be shared - same case as with user images.

Note that all user-related tables should be shared as well: e.g. most of Community Builder tables. We can't suggest exact tables list, your developer should understand which tables will be shared.