pre sale questions

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pre sale questions

Post by hias »

Hi there,

my client needs 20 sites - one for each product: -> joomla site 1 -> joomla site 2
... -> joomla site 20

All sites use same template, same footer menu and some same modules and some same articles (i.e. "About Us") but different main menus and also - of course - different articles.

I have some general questions:
1. Do I need a copy of all joomla database tables for each site?
2. When I change i.e. the content of the article "About Us" - do I see the changes in all 20 sites or do I have to change it 20 times?
3. I use some 3rd party extensions - when I run an update on them, do I have to do this in all 20 sites?
4. I run one Joomla updates for all 20 sites, right?

Thanks in advance for an quick answer


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Re: pre sale questions

Post by Admin »

I can suggest the following configuration:

1. Run all these sites from single hosting account of main site, so all sites will use same files. Slave sites should be created as parked domains in your hosting panel of main site.

2. All sites will use same database tables, so ALL contents will be same.
So no need to copy database tables.

You can edit/delete/create article in any site and it will be changed in any site.

But each site will use own menus and modules (you will need to copy current database tables into new tables with different prefix). Note that it's not possible to share "some" modules or "some" articles, content can be either shared or unique per site as usual.

Running an update of extension or Joomla from main site will affect all sites.