Categories, and Category Extensions

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Categories, and Category Extensions

Post by rkcook »

I've been browsing for answers, and the usual answer for having articles from the master site show up in the slave site is to create a category for the slave site.

But I now wondering if I can install a multi category extension (such as "K2", or "CW Multicategories").

The idea being some articles I want in both sites (without duplicating the articles) and some I just want in the main site or just in the slave(s) sites.

Can you see any problems with this idea?

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Re: Categories, and Category Extensions

Post by Admin »

It's possible to share K2 database data.

Actually you can also use Joomla tags and display articles not by category by a tag - each site can just have own tag and you will use 'Tags -> Tagged Items' menu item instead of 'Articles -> Category Blog'.

But note that displaying same article in multiple domains is considered by Google as duplicate content.